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Happy VALEntines Day to my lovely wife Kenda ;-}


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About KC:

My name is KC Vale and when I seen my name available as a .com for $10 a year I just couldn't resist taking it and this is the result.

There is nothing especially cool or special about me, I learned what real work is working for my dad's roofing company in my teens, went to school and got an electronics degree, did a year and half stint working for major computer firm servicing those big computers you see in old Sci-Fi movies with the spinning tape drives, and when the first 'IBM Compatible' parts you could buy in 1982 I started my computer business and did that from home until 2010 when I got bored with it.

I still do my own computer building but my new fun challenging passion is building high end high performance 'motor assisted' bicycles.

Seems I have a knack for them too, see my KC's Kruisers web site ;-}



Contact KC:

I have a special mail address for people that actually know me, it is

me (at) KCvale.com

If you can type that as an e-mail address it will get to me, or not ;-}


Just as a footnote, my old school ;-} ASCII winking smile dates back to way before the Internet and despite all of the 'emotion icon' images I still use it. 





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